Management Structure

The management structure of the project SusFuelCat will be carefully applied to ensure a smooth and progressive collaboration and a timely preparation of the project results.

In his role as the Coordinator of the SusFuelCat project, Prof. B. Etzold is the core partner in the project. He regularly communicates with all work package leaders and the European Commission. Within the consortium he is liable assuring the proper implementation of all project tasks and management procedures.


The European Commission is the executive body of the EU. It is responsible for the payment of periodical financings, examination/ approval of (financial) reports and preparation/ signing of agreements with the project committees.

The management structure consists of two bodies, namely the Management Board (MB) and the Steering Committee (SC):

  • The Management Board acts as the communication interface to all members in the SC and supports an efficient and effective project management due to a smooth communication defined by the partners in the consortium agreement.
  • Within the Management Board the Coordinator will be supported by the Administrative Management Office (AMO) by doing the daily operational business.

The Steering Committee consists of one delegate from each partner, among them the 7 work package leaders (WP- leader).

The Coordinator chairs the SC. As the basic body of the consortium the Steering Committee forms the communication and decision making platform concerning scientific and technical demands of the work plan and ensures the proper handling of all tasks related to Dissemination, Exploitation  and IPR. In the SC all delegates discuss the relevant issues concerning the whole consortium. Here, the milestones will be approved.

Each WP-leader is responsible for the completion of the Work Package tasks, quality proof of deliverables and interaction to other tasks.