BTG Biomass Technology Group BV (BTG), The Netherlands

BTG Biomass Technology Group BV is a private company (SME) of consultants, researchers and engineers specialised in the sustainable energy production from biomass and waste. The company became independent in 1987 and has a staff of approx. 30 people. Started in 1979 within the University of Twente as specialists on R&D, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of gasifiers and gasifier/generator systems, BTG’s RTD department gradually extended its research expertise, which now covers a variety of thermal energy conversion technologies (pyrolysis, hydrotreating, gasification, supercritical gasification, torrefaction, combustion, liquefaction, carbonisation). BTG has extensive experience and a strong involvement in European bio-energy R&D programmes, in particular related to biomass pyrolysis, oil hydrogenation and gasification RD&D. The BTG lab is well suited to undertake all necessary experimental activities pertaining to thermal conversion of biomass. Among its facilities are:

  • 250 kg/h pilot scale pyrolysis equipment (patented reactor for flash pyrolysis)

  • Two bio-oil hydrotreating units (fixed beds, 100 ml and 2 L volume, respectively

  • Two supercritical gasification units (tubular bed reactors, volume up to 200 ml and approx. 3 L, respectively), one coupled to a methanol synthesis reactor

  • PDU scale bio-oil combustion and gasification equipment (flame tunnel, diesel engine) and

  • Laboratory analysis equipment for biomass and pyrolysis oil characterisation

As part of the FP7 EMPYRO project, a commercial 120 t/d biomass processing facility to produce PO is currently under implementation. Pyrolysis oil production is scheduled to start at this plant in 2013.

Key people involved

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is a R&D process engineer in thermal conversion technologies. He has expertise and responsibilities in the field of engineering and implementation of fluidised bed system coupled with chemical reaction, biomass energy processes (from concept to detailed design), construction and operation of laboratory, pilot and demonstration scale set-ups and process instrumentation and process control (both software and hardware). He is in charge of BTG’s research on the use of pyrolysis oils (i.a. FP6 project BIOCOUP) and on the use of glycerine as a feedstock for methanol synthesis (i.a. FP7 project SUPERMETHANOL).

Dr. ir. Bert van de Beld graduated on selective catalytic hydrogenation of acetylene in the presence of ethylene, and got his PhD on Industrial Processes and Products in 1995. In 2002, Dr Van de Beld was appointed BTG’s director of technology. He is technical coordinator 2 FP7 projects, involving the

Pyrolysis Oil FP7 demo project EMPYRO and the (completed) Russian-EU cooperation project on the use of bioliquids in engines and turbines (FP7 project BIOLQUIDS-CHP). He is a member of the programme committee of the Dutch research program on the development and use of Sustainable hydrogen (ACTS), and of the IEA Bioenergy Task 34 on pyrolysis of biomass and IEA Hydrogen Task 27 on Near-Market Routes to Hydrogen by Co-utilisation of Biomass as a Renewable Energy Source with Fossil Fuels.

Ir. John Vos is Senior Consultant Bio-energy, and currently coordinator or WP leader in several EC funded research projects, including the FP7 projects SUPERMETHANOL, BIOLIQUIDS-CHP and SUPRABIO. Leader of the inter-project Dissemination Group in which the FP7 biorefinery projects SupraBio, BioCore, and EuroBioRef collaborate in the area of dissemination.

Major role in the project

BTG is leader of the work package ‘Dissemination, exploitation and standardization’ (WP6) and performs long term runs with catalysts from the consortium in WP5. These runs exceed lab scale and are performed with model and technical feedstocks.


Mail Address: P.O. Box 835, 7500 AV Enschede, The Netherlands
Visiting address: Josink Esweg 34, 7545 PN Enschede, The Netherlands

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