Abo Akademi (AAU), Finland

Akademi is the Swedish language university of Finland having its roots in the Roal Academy established by Queen Christine of Sweden in 1640.

The new Åbo Akademi was founded in 1918.

Today Åbo Akademi has seven faculties in two cities, Turku/Åbo and Vasa. The Department of Chemical Engineering at Åbo Akademi was founded in 1920. Today the department consists of 11 laboratories. The Department has an education program for undergraduates in chemical engineering, which includes process chemistry, process engineering, pulp and paper technology as well as industrial economics.

The Laboratory of Industrial Chemistry and Reaction Engineering focuses on three main areas: catalysis, kinetics and reaction engineering aiming to maintain and develop the knowledge in catalyst development and characterization, in the kinetics and mechanisms of catalytic reactions, in the kinetic analysis of complex chemical reaction networks and in the modeling and optimization of chemical reactors. Thus, the research areas form a logical path from laboratory synthesis to full scale production. The know-how has been applied in several fields ranging from environmental protection to the synthesis of fine and specialty chemicals.

Laboratory of Industrial Chemistry and Reaction Engineering is currently very active in the field of biomass valorization. Research concerns valorization of chemicals derived from biomass and focuses on catalytic hydrogenation and oxidation of several types of mono-, di and oligosaccharides, heterogeneous catalytic isomerization of linoleic acid, hydrogenolysis of hydroxymatairesinol, catalytic pyrolysis of wood and upgrading of pyrolysis products, i.e. levoglucosan, aqueous phase reforming of sugars and sugar alcohols for production of fuel like hydrocarbons and hydrogen, deoxygenation of fatty acids to name a few projects. Besides development of new active and selective catalysts, various aspects of reaction engineering, e.g. catalyst deactivation and reaction kinetics are considered.

The expertise of the Laboratory is well proven by a significant number of publications in peer-reviewed international journals and recent monographs and textbooks. The main financers of the research at the Laboratory are Åbo Akademi University, the Åbo Akademi University Foundation, TEKES, the Academy of Finland, European Union as well as several industrial foundations and enterprises in Finland and abroad.

Key people involved

Key people involved at the Laboratory of Industrial Chemistry and Reaction Engineering are 4 Professors (Academy Professor T. Salmi, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., J.-P. Mikkola and J. Wärna (appointment for 5 years).

Major role in the project

AAU is leader of the work package "experimental studies" (WP3) and performs APR experiment with sugar alcohol feedstocks and the catalytic material of SusFuelCat. Thus a broad experimental database is created. Further long term stability studies are performed in lab scale for WP5.