The EU-funded project SusFuelCat aims to improve the production of hydrogen from wet biomass using the process of  aqueous phase reforming. SusFuelCat addresses the key to an efficient process, which is the catalyst enabling the conversion of sustainable biomass to hydrogen.

New catalytic materials shall be stable, decrease the production costs and improve the yield of hydrogen, resulting in an even more sustainable process. In the project an interdisciplinary team works together to bridge from fundamental understanding to fast industrialization efforts.
The goals of SusFuelCat are:

  • Production of almost carbon monoxide free hydrogen
  • Highly active catalyst with high selectivity towards hydrogen
  • Validated long-term stability of catalyst
  • Lowering costs of catalyst

The methodology of SusFuelCat is:

  • Tuning model catalytic materials for their properties
  • Detailed in-situ and ex-situ materials characterization
  • Combining in-silico, in-situ kinetic and long-term experiments
  • Testing of model and real raw material feedstock
  • Rational catalyst design geared by industrial key performance indicators



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SusFuelCat Final Conference
Enschede / The Netherlands
November 24th, 2016

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